What do you do at Christ Church?


As the Intern at Christ Church, I work with the adult education and the Confirmation classes, help lead worship, participate in staff meetings and seasonal planning meetings, focus on learning and growth, and help out wherever I can be useful.


What brought you to Christ Church?


As I was looking for a church to do my internship at, our District Superintendent strongly recommended Christ Church as a potential good fit, which led to me getting in touch with Rev. Eric.


If you could have one super power, what would it be?


I'm tempted to say the ability to fly, or the ability to stop time, but instead, I will go with the ability to control the weather.  I could always have perfect weather for rock climbing and have as many powder days as I wanted for skiing.


Who is your social justice hero? (And of course why)


If I had to pick one, I would choose Henry David Thoreau.  There is a lot I admire about Thoreau, but in terms of social justice, I think his use of nonviolent protest, and the legacy he left with that that influenced other social justice leaders, is outstanding.  "Civil Disobedience" (as well as the time he spent in jail that led to that essay) is probably the most obvious work of his that illustrates his nonviolent protest.  That said, I also view "Walden" as a sort of nonviolent protest - a protest against living in unjust societal or economic systems.  


What inspires you when the days get difficult?


When the days get difficult, I'm inspired by the belief and trust that tomorrow will be a new day, and that it can be better than today was.  I am also inspired by the people in my life who hold enough grace for me to let me have those bad days, and who are willing to walk with me in those days and love me just the same.


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