Although a Colorado native, Larry was raised in New Mexico but returned to Colorado in the late 70s to stay. Along the way he has


• Taught public school and college/university choir, orchestra, voice, piano, and theory


• Served as choir/music director and/or organist for churches in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado


• Taught at the National Theatre Conservatory and conducted complementary voice research at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts’ National Center for Voice and Speech


Larry’s hope as Music Director is to lead the choir and congregation to experience the power and joy of singing whole-hearted praise to God everywhere—at church, in your cars, and in your showers.


What do you do at Christ Church?


I direct the Chancel Choir and support music as needed in Rev. Megan’s youth projects


What brought you to Christ Church?


An online ad.


If you could have one super power, what would it be?


I already have it…what…you can’t tell?


Who is your social justice hero? (And of course why)


There was a time when a song and a balladeer with a guitar to deliver it were galvanizing the US conscience with astounding efficiency. My social justice heros are a collection of unflappable singers and songwriters who emerged in the early 60s as the vanguards and public faces of civil rights. Of the many, a few are standouts:

*Joan Baez

*Peter, Paul and Mary



What inspires you when the days get difficult?


Ice cream, chocolate sauce, peanuts, and a spoon—in that order.



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