New Series at Christ Church

 Courageous Faith...Radical Grace

When journeying through life we sometimes find ourselves surrounded by joy, laughter, and loving relationships that lift us up.

Other times we feel as though we journey alone, through quiet, cold wilderness that offers little comfort. Whether the cold wilderness is from life circumstances, poor choices, or frustrations with the state of the world, Courageous Faith is required to know that God will be with us through it all. Faith that God will provide what we need.

Courageous Faith that God might just offer the Radical Grace of a warm, safe place to rest, or the chance to offer that comfortable spot to someone else who needs it more than you do. It is your job to offer yourself the Radical Grace needed to accept the couch in the snowfield. To sit and rest, so you are ready to put Courageous Faith into action and serve others, offering them Radical Grace. Join us in January and February as we explore Courageous Faith... Radical Grace.

1/27 Annual Celebration

Join us after worship as we celebrate all we did in 2018. We’ll eat

lunch together and celebrate our community.

1/20 New Member Class

If you are interested in learning more about Christ Church, who we

are and what it means to be a member, join Rev. Sharon for our

New Member class at 9am in the Naylor Study. Those wishing to join will be welcomed during worship.